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Dawn of a New Era

How different they are Those who write for pleasure and Those who write for the Truth.
Dr. Dahesh.

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Divine Providence willed

On October 13, 2020, my brother was going through his personal Daheshist documents and he found a letter written by our Beloved referencing me. He was puzzled, because he did not remember how he even got it! He sent me a copy and inquired if I had given it to him. I responded no, for I didn’t even have a copy myself. I explained to him the circumstances behind it, and they are as follows:


On that day, as you can see from the date and time, it was 5:00 AM on May 27, 1974, our Beloved used to wake me up as early as 3:00AM so that we can continue our work on certain things. It had been a long time, but as far as I can remember, we were sitting alone in the kitchen talking and I told him that I wanted to write him something for his birthday on June 1st, but changed my mind, because I do not have the linguistic ability to write like the many Daheshist writers and poets. He answered me saying: “my dearest, we are the ones that should write about you!” We continued to do what we were doing before the conversation. After a while, he handed me this document and said to me: ”Hilda this is your piece to read during the June 1st celebration.” I was shocked! For it was written in a matter of minutes, and I am sure it was written spiritually, because it conveyed exactly what I initially was thinking of writing. I read it on June 1st of that year. Usually our Beloved used to say to us give or convey the important things to our late brother Dr. Ghazi Brax so that he can document them.


Here is the translation and the original document:



I have come to know you, so I loved you! Prior to that, I was in a constant state of uneasiness mixed with agony; my worries subjected my mind to horrible terrors; and I feared darkness as well as light. To me, the light rays were as bad as darkness. My heart trembled, my feelings agitated, and gloom overtook me. At the time, I wished to die, however, death would avoid me, and I pleaded with the grave to entomb me.


Divine Providence willed for me to see you, so I met you! As a result, my life had changed, for after misery came anticipation; after desperation came hope; after agony came days of comfort; after sadness, my heart was overtaken with happiness; after wretchedness, my heart overfilled with joy; and after fear came courage. I achieved all this great change through your great Spiritual Fluid (Sayyal)—how happy I am for the lofty Spiritual knowledge that I learned—and my hope is to accompany you as long as I am alive; sheltered under your wings; encompassed in reassurance under your protection; and being happy to dwell in your realms.


I hope from God to grant you your wishes and extend your stay with us, for we are strong in your presence and weak in your absence. I have full hope of living with you, not only on earth, but also in heavens.


Hilda Maryood [Murad]


Beirut 05/27/1974 at 5 am

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Science and Religion

Spiritual truths and scientific facts do not contradict each other in Daheshism, because they are of the same source—God.


This article appeared in Al-Osboo’ Al-Arabi Magazine (Arabic week magazine), issue 279, December 12, 1964.

The persecution of Dr. Dahesh

Excerpt taken from New Light on the Founder of Daheshism and His Miracles, by Ghazi Brax, Ph.D., Melhem Chokr, Ph.D., and Fares Zaatar, Esq.


A Selection from Strange Stories and Wonderful Fables. Vol. 1. By Doctor Dahesh. The planet Fomalzab

Our Mission

We are a group of individuals from all walks of life and dispersed throughout the world, who had the privilege of being exposed to Daheshism. Some of us had an opportunity to: be with Dahesh, witness his miracles, travel with him, live with him, and listen to his wisdom. Although some of us have never had the pleasure of meeting Dahesh in person, due to age or circumstances, yet our faith in him and in his Mission is strong—it is always reassuring to remember the words of Lord Christ: “…How happy are those who believe without seeing me!” (John 20:29). The content of this web site has been collected from magazine and newspaper interviews and reports and other publications. Although this web site is limited in content at this early stage of development, it is expected to grow significantly as fellow Daheshists finish preparing testimonials about their experiences with Dahesh and Daheshism. This site is meant to be a source of information for anyone interested in learning about Dahesh, his life, Mission, miracles, accomplishments, and legacy. The individuals involved with this web site do not represent any organization of any kind. Please use the “Contact Us” button to send us any comments or questions that you may have about this web site, Dahesh, or Daheshism. Thanks you for visiting our web site and we hope that you visit us again soon!.

We are writing for a better human being.

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I am a stranger in this world, and great is my longing for the hour of my return to my true Homeland.

Dr. Dahesh

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