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Dr. Dahesh

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The Fog

Those who believe in the powers of Dr. Dahesh and his Message also believe that Kahlil Gibran, author of the Prophet, was an envoy that came to Earth in order to pave the way for Daheshism—in the same fashion that John the Baptist came to pave the way for the universal message of Lord Christ. Those who are familiar with the supernatural abilities of Dr. Dahesh also know very well that it is possible for the Spirit to address people through a Prophet or through his Personalities and either verbally or in writing.

On May 10, 1942, a Sayyal belonging to the Spirit of Kahlil Gibran revealed to Dr. Dahesh a prose poem titled “The Fog.” The message of this poem is apocalyptic; however, I will leave it up to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.


The Fog


Heavy fog surrounds my soul…and restrains it with chains!

Dense fog! In the sky of my life!

It encircles me the way a bracelet encircles the wrist of a beautiful woman!


Beautiful fog! It forms only to dissipate!

Shadows and strange ghosts appear to me from within the fog…

Thousands of fiery eyes glance at me!

This dark fog dissipates only to form again in shades of white mixed with yellow, like fluffed cotton!

Gentle, yet sad faces appear to me from within it!

[Faces] With downcast eyes—as if begging the observer for compassion!

And hands…there are so many to count!

Some [hands] with their palms open!

While other [hands] with a clenched fist!

The fingers cramped and the nerves excited and bulging—like thick ropes!

While other hands are calm, gentle, and peaceful…if it wasn’t for an occasional shiver you would deem them lifeless!

This fog dissipates again!

Only to form again in different shapes and colors: How very strange!

I am still in my position examining these strange scenes!

Suddenly, there appeared to me a thick cloud that clumped together and merged with sections of the floating fog!

Once the composition was complete, a horrific powerful figure emerged from this fog wrapped by the clouds!

In his eye cavities, he placed two stars—whose brilliance blinds the vision!

He yelled at me saying:

You, Earthling!

Deliver my message to your people—those dwarfs who think they have reached their desired level of wisdom and knowledge.

You, son of nature, relay to them what I am about to tell you now.

His voice sounded like gushing water through a quiet valley!

He then said:

You pitiful Earthlings!

For tens of thousands of years and I have been watching your activities, listening to what you have to say, observing your behavior, and reading what goes on through your minds.

They have not changed over the years!

For you are:

Consumed by the love of women!

Passionate about materialism!

Worshiping authority!

Sanctifying power!

Assaulting the powerless!

Cursing the Heavens!

Falsifying the truths!

Deceiving each other!


Powerful assaults the helpless!

Wicked assaults the peaceful!

Priests and pastors pretend to be pious, while in reality they are the devil incarnate!

You have:

Trampled on the commandments!

Mocked the Divine Laws!

Cursed the Heavens!

Consecrated falsehood!

Ridiculed the noble teachings!

Followed the despicable desires of your hearts!

You have read the commandments of the Lord of righteousness!

However…due to the hardness of your hearts and lack of faith, you have not acted according to these noble teachings!

Not even some of them!

No, the focus of your thoughts revolved around nothing but crimes, sensual desires, and lowly inclinations!

I have watched you for a long time.

I have been remarkably patient with you for many generations!

Hoping that you would correct your mistakes!

Perhaps remorse could find a place in your hearts.

My waiting was all in vain!

The boring generations have passed and gone!

While you remained unchanged!

Rather, your evils deeds multiplied many folds over what your fathers and grandfathers used to do!

For this reason!

Today, I have decided to inform you of my unwavering decree!

That calls for the destruction of this lowly world of yours!

The world that you have polluted with your crimes, greed, and desires!

I am being truthful to you Earthlings in saying:

My soul is sick and tired of everything that exists in your trivial world!

I am bored with your sun and moon, your galaxies and stars!

Your hills and valleys, land and sky, trees and birds, valleys, mountains, and plains!

Everything that the eye can see and the senses detect in your polluted world that is suffering from your disgraceful deeds and your evil thinking.

I will wipe your world from existence!

I will make it a forgotten thing!

Because experience assures me that it is impossible for your sin-burdened souls to transcend, for they are changing from bad to worse!

My judgment has decreed:

That your Earth be gone and be filled again with fog!

This fog will cover the world and I will pass through it for generations to come without allowing any of your known elements share my existence!

As for the children!

Those who are not yet polluted by the evils of this Earth and its lowly desires,

I will touch their foreheads with my miraculous fingers!

And place them in a deep sleep!

When they wake up!

They will find themselves in a nobler place than their harsh earthly world!

As to their young innocent bodies, I will turn them into fog!

Dr. Dahesh

Beirut, May 10, 1942

“Hell of Memories”

(Annisr Al-Muhallek Publishing House 1984).

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Prayer of the “Beloved and Guiding Prophet.”

O Father and the Father of Creation! Have mercy on us because of our inherited weaknesses. Strengthen our hearts so that we believe in Your Powers and talk about Your Miracles.

“Brotherhood and Unity of Mankind”

“Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” (Genesis 4: 9-10).

The Prophet’s Poet

In days of yore, a Poet roamed in this land His quill marked verses of eloquence grand Wealth and fame were his heart’s desire Yet restless was his soul, like a fiery pyre


A Selection from Strange Stories and Wonderful Fables. Vol. 1. By Doctor Dahesh. The planet Fomalzab

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We are a group of individuals from all walks of life and dispersed throughout the world, who had the privilege of being exposed to Daheshism. Some of us had an opportunity to: be with Dahesh, witness his miracles, travel with him, live with him, and listen to his wisdom. Although some of us have never had the pleasure of meeting Dahesh in person, due to age or circumstances, yet our faith in him and in his Mission is strong—it is always reassuring to remember the words of Lord Christ: “…How happy are those who believe without seeing me!” (John 20:29). The content of this web site has been collected from magazine and newspaper interviews and reports and other publications. Although this web site is limited in content at this early stage of development, it is expected to grow significantly as fellow Daheshists finish preparing testimonials about their experiences with Dahesh and Daheshism. This site is meant to be a source of information for anyone interested in learning about Dahesh, his life, Mission, miracles, accomplishments, and legacy. The individuals involved with this web site do not represent any organization of any kind. Please use the “Contact Us” button to send us any comments or questions that you may have about this web site, Dahesh, or Daheshism. Thanks you for visiting our web site and we hope that you visit us again soon!.

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When I gaze upon the stars, I sense the greatness of the Creator, Exalted be His name.

Dr. Dahesh

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