He who writes for fun is not the same as he who writes for the truth
Dr. Dahesh

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“The Core of Human Values”

Hussein Younis

Jesus said: “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” (Matthew 5:7)

This divine rule, spoken by the Son of Heaven, is a heavenly call to alleviate the suffering of the weak, impoverished, and those afflicted by the torments of injustice. It transcends the painful realities of oppression and offers a gateway to salvation for those weary upon the earth. It perpetually seeks peace and spiritual elevation by balancing the diverse aspects of human existence—both material and spiritual.

Mercy lies at the heart of divine faiths. It marks the beginning of a journey toward a life more meaningful and radiant.  It compels one’s self to conquer its pride and earthly inclinations, and sow seeds of love between foes. It builds and strengthens connections among individuals, forming the nucleus of spiritual values, and fostering peace and harmony among people—the cornerstones of civilization.

Humanity and compassion, ideals rooted in divine doctrines, are the essence of the  teachings of messengers, prophets and reformers, exemplifying how humans should interact with each other—regardless of race, gender, or cultural and religious differences, bringing much needed peace and salvation.

Humaneness is a sign of intellectual and spiritual maturity. It doesn’t just represent mere words, written and spoken, but rather inspired ideas, unwavering commitment to righteousness and reform, and adherence to heavenly principles. It accompanies one’s journey toward real spiritual elevation—a phase of empathy, tolerance, and unity among humans. Its foundation rests on equality and justice that knows no discrimination, fostering dignity, respect, and harmony among societies.

Justice is treating others impartially and as one would want to be treated. When its application falters, rebellion ensues, and the gates of hell swing open. Strifes and conflicts arise among individuals, communities, and even nations.

Today’s conflicts and wars, least described as shameful and reprehensible, and the stance of powerful nations as either oppressive supporters or indifferent spectators to the deaths of thousands of isolated children, women, and elderly in their homes, stain all humanity with a disgraceful stain. The abandonment of truth, justice, and laws has reduced humans to the lowest moral extent, fueling aggression, arrogance, and the joy of victory over torn and dismembered bodies and victims.

Those who do not respect moral laws do not deserve respect. Powerful and civilized nations must respect the laws established and developed by their philosophers and geniuses. Otherwise, hypocrisy and dishonesty will herald nothing but downfall and collapse.

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English Section

The Fog

Dr. Dahesh
Heavy fog surrounds my soul…and restrains it with chains!
Dense fog! In the sky of my life!
It encircles me the way a bracelet encircles the wrist of a beautiful woman!

Light and fire

Sami Wassaf
When some activist friends graciously invited me to contribute a piece in the electronic magazine "Al-Nar Wal-Nur" or “Fire and Light”,

Bright as the Sunshine¹

by Dr. Dahesh
His face was bright like the sun, luminous like the stars, wonderful, inspiring piety and reverence. He was dressed in a mantle of sparkling rays, and a double-edged sword,

Conflicts of Our Time- Opinion

Dr. Mohamad Younes
Conflicts and wars of our times have proven without doubt one indisputable fact: Mankind has degenerated to the lowest moral extent.

Our Mission

We are a group of individuals from all walks of life and dispersed throughout the world, who had the privilege of being exposed to Daheshism. Some of us had an opportunity to: be with Dahesh, witness his miracles, travel with him, live with him, and listen to his wisdom. Although some of us have never had the pleasure of meeting Dahesh in person, due to age or circumstances, yet our faith in him and in his Mission is strong—it is always reassuring to remember the words of Lord Christ: “…How happy are those who believe without seeing me!” (John 20:29). The content of this web site has been collected from magazine and newspaper interviews and reports and other publications. Although this web site is limited in content at this early stage of development, it is expected to grow significantly as fellow Daheshists finish preparing testimonials about their experiences with Dahesh and Daheshism. This site is meant to be a source of information for anyone interested in learning about Dahesh, his life, Mission, miracles, accomplishments, and legacy. The individuals involved with this web site do not represent any organization of any kind. Please use the “Contact Us” button to send us any comments or questions that you may have about this web site, Dahesh, or Daheshism. Thanks you for visiting our web site and we hope that you visit us again soon!.

We are writing for a better human being.

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When I gaze upon the stars, I sense the greatness of the Creator, Exalted be His name.

Dr. Dahesh

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